How Climbr Helped Two 21 Years Old Ladies Earn Above #600k By Working remotely

4 min readMay 17, 2022


Two months ago, a 21-year-old lady reached out to me to learn how to use LinkedIn. Two months later, she earns above #600k monthly working remotely by freelancing. She is a 300-level student.

Here’s a breakdown of how she did it;

  1. Firstly, she opened an account on LinkedIn;

then sent me a message on LinkedIn to know how to use LinkedIn because she heard she could build connections that will get her good jobs.

People have believed LinkedIn to be a boring platform where people do maguire to perspire. While it has been stereotyped to be a place to post fake motivation, it is actually a goldmine where you can build solid connections to secure good jobs.

If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you need to set one up.

2. She had a job portfolio.

When I checked through her LinkedIn profile, I discovered she had a job portfolio and after going through her portfolio, I sent her a message to reach out to me on Whatsapp because her portfolio could land her a job offer that I was aware of.

Here’s a catch: through a simple job portfolio, you can attract hundreds of jobs to yourself without having to sweat through rigorous application processes.

What a portfolio does is that it gives your potential employer a feel of your capabilities through a glance. Thus sells you without too much hesitation.

If you do not have a portfolio or you feel you’re not experienced enough to build one, check out how you can build one easily here;

Her portfolio just contained three samples of her previous work which was a little bit scanty but still solid enough.

3. She needed a CV/Resume;

There was a job that she could get which I was aware of, so I told her to ensure she had a CV/Resume.

Why do you need a CV/Resume?

You cannot really get a great job if you do not have one. When you apply to jobs with a lot of other candidates, your CV/Resume is what they first consider before reaching out to you to move forward in your application process.

Your CV needs to contain some basic information that are specific to the industry needs or what the companies want so you’ll have to tailor one out.

In this case, Climbr helped her with the service of building her CV/Resume and it clicked.

If you want to learn what you should have in your CV/Resume, click here

4. She studied the company’s culture and their performance

This is a 300 level student who had no idea about the industry. However, based on my experience helping people secure roles as the Founder of Climbr, I knew she needed to take some extra steps.

I sent her the link to the company’s website and told her to read up on some of the blog content there (she is a writer). She needed to do this to understand the writing style and know many things about the industry.

Then I told her to come up with a few pieces of content like that and add up to her portfolio which she did.

This is a secret that you can learn to apply.

5. She cold-emailed the recruiter

Cold-emailing means sending an email to someone who doesn’t know you with the plan to get them to buy whatever you are offering to them.

Through cold-emailing, a lot of people have gotten jobs in our community.

I taught her how to craft the email subject that will make the potential employer open the email and what to place inside the email for it to be opened.

This is the same process I applied for the other 21-year-old girl.

Guess what?

If you currently have a job or seeking a job, you can secure a job that will pay 5X, 10X of your current earnings and once you know it, you can use it to secure more jobs, increase your income, and help your friends and family earn huge.

We will be hosting a 4-Day workshop on everything I have applied for these ladies step by step till you secure your job.

You’ll learn;

  • How to build the best portfolio that is irresistible
  • How to build a perfect CV/Resume to land a top job
  • How to network with top people in your industries and the right communities to join
  • How to send cold emails that will set up interviews for you.

You will learn from 4 top professionals with a combined experience of 15 years of landing jobs and working remotely.

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