How To Make Your First Million in Tech | Without Coding

4 min readApr 12, 2022


How would you feel if by the end of this month you had earned your first million naira?

Not just one time but you keep earning this concurrently monthly.

That’s pretty not as much as what some tech bros earn but it is a pretty handsome amount to earn and you really do not have to code just like the tech bros and babes with sneakers, round neck shirts, and some jumpy pants.

You can skip this if you earn above a million naira monthly. I can’t help you. I mean we cannot help you just yet.

You see, when I talk about making money in tech, I’m not just talking about people who code. Tech is way bigger than what people have limited it to.

I’d tell you this fact that no one has ever told you;

If you can write, design, sing, sleep, eat, walk, talk, and make videos, you can make money from tech.

Some skills are non-tech skills but they are really important in the tech industry that they can change your finances overnight if you know the How.

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Pay attention; I will list out a number of things that you can do around the tech industry that can earn you above a million naira monthly.

  1. You can get a job directly by working for tech companies;

a. Full-time

b. Freelance


This is a highly competitive activity as there are so many people bidding for full-time roles. The few things to put into place to ensure you are qualified for full-time roles include;

  1. Build a Great Portfolio: Two weeks ago, on Climbr’s twitter space, Peter Rock mentioned some great platforms where you can build amazing portfolios for free. If you want a more sophisticated portfolio, then you can contact us to build one for you at Climbr. Click here
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  1. Have a LinkedIn Profile: Having a great LinkedIn profile can increase your chances of securing a job by a good percentage as recruiters are always on the lookout for what LinkedIn says about you. Watch this video on How To Build a Great LinkedIn Profile.
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  1. Use Job Sites: While this is highly competitive due to the volumes of applications, you can still stand a chance to secure good jobs. Popular platforms you can use are,,
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You can choose to freelance instead if full-time roles are not successful for you. The benefit of freelancing is that it gives you the opportunity to build your portfolio as you take on several projects. The pay might not be huge however compared to a full time role.

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Here’s how to help yourself get freelance opportunities;

  1. Freelance platforms: Two popular freelance platforms include and There are so many others that you can check up simply by using Google.
  2. Joining communities: Once you become a member of exclusive communities in your niche, you stand a chance to secure side gigs if you pay attention to the job boards in your community.

2. Consultation with tech companies that need your service:

Getting a job might not be your thing. Rather, you can choose to serve as a consultant for tech companies based on the skill you offer. While this might not be a straightforward approach for some particular skills, it sure is a great way to make more money if you know the ropes around being a salesman.

3. Building a List;

This is for sure one of the most effective ways to earn up to a million naira monthly. Although, the approach takes quite some time it is pretty effective.

Firstly, whatever you have as a skill, you make it into valuable content and consistently push it out. This way, you are building visibility.

The next step to take is to build an audience around what you do by bringing them into an email list.

Bringing them into an email list means you can sell higher informational resources to them in the near future.

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What this means is that you do not have to code to make your first million.

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