Here’s How To Join The Best Communities To Secure a Remote Job

4 min readMay 23, 2022


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Joining communities is one sure way to secure very well-paying remote jobs.

Here’s why; through communities, you get to network with people in your industry which includes your peers and people who are the leaders in your industry.

Networking with your peers opens you up to recommendations if there are job openings and referrals sometimes while networking with leaders in your industry within these communities opens you up to recommendations.

Wondered how you can join the best communities that will position you for high-paying remote jobs? Here’s what you need to do;

Pick a niche and niche down your niche;

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You have a skill, this skill has areas of specialization, it is best you pay attention to your area of specialization when you want to start with a community.

I will give an illustration; I am a content marketer and content marketing is a part of marketing. Joining marketing communities can be like throwing treasures into a rabbit hole. There will be a conflict of interest when it comes to networking and at the same time, there will be multiple offers and opportunities from such a platform which will make me lose focus on growing in my niche.

The wise thing to do is to focus on my niche and probably niche down to the industry where I want to secure jobs. Content marketing for instance has several industries and if there are still smaller niches for the industry I’ll love to work in, then it is best to join.

So, the first thing you need to do is to pick a niche where you want to join a community.

2. Join physical communities

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We live in a virtual world and people do not understand enough the leverage physical communities can give. Physical communities could mean you choose to hang out at an event held by people within your industry.

A physical community gives you a voice if you engage with such a community over time. A good way to know about physical communities is to pay attention to events held which are mostly on core topics in your industry.

Through a physical community, there’s real-time friendship and this hastens the speed of connection and recommendation.

3. Maximize slack channels

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A lot of communities have slack channels and it sure as hell is one great way to get jobs. I belong to a couple of slack channels and the hack here is to pay attention to the job boards (most of them have). On these job boards, they post fresh jobs out of the industry that sometimes isn’t shared outside.

Through slack channels, you can also relate with top leaders in the industry where you can pitch yourself and maybe get a job from there.

Discord, Telegram, and even other social media groups have similarities but the focus is on slack channels.

What I do most times is to pay attention to the job boards and apply to jobs posted there which as I mentioned are exclusive also, I use my cold-dm-ing skills to interact with top leaders within my industry to know if there are positions within their companies and try to fill in.

How Do You Find The Right Channels?

You can ask friends who are within your industry whom you know are really concerned about the growth in their careers and also you can do a search on Google.

Through Google, you can get a list of communities. What you should focus on however is the size of the community and also try to search out the community on social media to look into the engagement and the type of content shared. It will give you a glimpse of the value of such a community.

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