Fuck Inconsistency!!! Here’s how I lost everything I had

We all get to be inconsistent with things that matter to us at different points in time due to a handful of reasons. Most times, we are the creators of the excuses that keep us from being consistent and sometimes, the situation on ground is bigger than what we can handle.

Two years ago, I was a great writer and I wrote deeply on business, marketing and education basically. I was active on this space with hundreds of articles that were read in a lot of niches and i had articles that got to almost 20,000 views on LinkedIn and even was read by hundreds of thousands of people on a particular blog.

Writing was my thing and business analysis coupled with marketing and a spice of tech stuff were my thing and people were getting to notice me on several platforms which brought me high paying gigs and also a well paid job.

I could sit for hours and write lengthy articles and also i made podcasts that got to over 8 countries and had people from different countries reach out to me for mentorship and I made some good money from it.

Well, I became inconsistent and gradually, my Medium audience started dropping. My LinkedIn views plummeted, people no longer reached out to me for paid mentorship and almost everyone forgot me. Oh, yeah, I became broke and I decided to push all these to a future time i never planned.

Here’s what exactly happened;

I became inconsistent because I started a company that would be the bridge between young talents and the world of work. There’s a big disconnect between young talents and skills as well as opportunities and I wanted to fill the gap so i changed my profession to become a startup founder.

Well, it’s pretty not easy being a startup founder in a country like Nigeria and juggling between jobs and also trying to build a business. Access to funding is difficult and other basic amenities that will help you thrive are not available so sometimes, you’re faced with the decision to either focus on your business or get a job.

I chose focusing on my business which put me in trouble, hence my inconsistency with what i had been doing for a long time.

Look, I know I’m not the only one with a story like this. You must probably have faced such or still battling with inconsistency and to make it worse, you’re trying to find clarity, opportunities, well paying jobs and still live a stable life all at the same time.

So, what exactly does my startup do. Well, it’s called Climbr and we provide information that will expose you to the skills that will help you thrive and also give you access to communities that will increase your growth rate and also connect you with jobs and funding opportunities.

Here are a few things you’d get from Climbr

  1. The what and how to develop yourself in whatever you’re doing. This cuts across any skills; tech, non tech, corporate and even in the business world. So if you’re seeking to grow and probably get a job or are worried about your current pay, there are things to do, skills to get, people to reach and courses to learn that will help you get these done.
  2. Free resources via blogs, podcasts and videos to help you with the latest ways to both grow and make money.
  3. Badass community of people eager to learn, grow and also share opportunities.

I have resumed blogging, podcasting and making videos and cheers to kicking inconsistency in the balls and going straight for the moon.

You should be a Climbr member and if you’re one already, I’d see you at the other side of the email community and if you’re not part of the hundreds of people in the community.

Click this link to join us and get your first free gift from me.


See you at the other side.

Building a Media company in the educational industry @Climbr | Content Marketing Strategist

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Building a Media company in the educational industry @Climbr | Content Marketing Strategist

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